Dr. B.G.W. Craenen <>

EArt is a merger of a number of programs I made for generating images resembling works of art. It now combines three different types of 'arts': Mondriaan, Esher, and images as the basis for generating Kaleidoscopes. All images are generated based on evolutionary algorithms using input from the user as fitness indicators. That means that the images are created using input from the user to guide the evolution.

Instead of providing the jar-file, I have decided to provide access directly to the applet version of EArt. Using the applet is simple. The four buttons on top provide the 'next generation', and switch to or reinitialise with Esher, Mondriaan, or Kaleidoscope functionality. Beneath each of the six generated images three radio buttons provide the fitness evaluation functionality. 'No' indicates that you don't like the image, 'Yes' the opposite, 'Mwoh' means no preference either way. Evaluation is taken into account when generating the images of the next generation. The slider at the bottom allows the user to manipulate the mutation rate. Putting the slider around 0.15 should offer recognisable evolutionary behaviour while a mutation rate of 1.0 will reinitialise the images randomly (just like using the buttons).

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