Dr. B.G.W. Craenen <>

JavaEa2 is the experimental collection of Evolutionary Algorithms that I used in my PhD-thesis. It is the latest and probably last version of the JavaEa series. It contains a large number of reimplemented Evolutionary Algorithms used to solve the Constraint Satisfaction Problem as well as a means of parsing the results from experiments. JavaEa2 uses the problem instances found in RepositoryCsp. New problem instances can be generated using JavaCsp. JavaEa2 was written purely for my own use in my PhD-Thesis and is as such left deliberately in an experimental state. However, for my own convenience I tried to make it easy to use, understand and expand. I have not made any effort to fully document JavaEa2 but a fairly comprehensive commandline help message is available.

Unfortunately, due to a disk crash, the source of JavaEa2 has become unavailable to me. I do however make available version 1.0.1 of JavaEa2 as a jar-file, downloadable here. Please do not send me emails asking for the source-code of JavaEa2 because I have to work from a decompiled version as well. The jar-file should work out-of-the-box with a recent Java distribution. You will want to download the ini-files that JavaEa2 uses as well.

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